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Bassein Creek Bridge under construction

Aroor-Kumbalam Rly. Bridge
Kalinadi Bridge

Jammu-Udhampur Railway Bridge

Other Bridges

Aroor- Kumbalam BridgeThe longest Railway Bridge in Kerala having a length of about 1 KM with a combination of well and pile foundations. First Railway Bridge in India adopting segmental construction technology. Superstructure with pre-cast, pre-stressed, segmental type box girders.

Kalinadi Bridge For Konkan Railway, Length 1.28. KM, RCC Pile Foundation, RCC Mass Concrete Substructure. PSC Box Girders of 41 spans of 30.5 m each.

Bassein Creek Bridge
Two lines Bassein Creek Bridge on Bombay-Ahmedabad section of National Highways at Navi Mumbai which was a World Bank aided Project. Caisson Floating Technique was adopted in a water depth up to 21 m in high tide variations of 4 to 5 meters and water currents at 4 -5 m/sec, towards upstream and downstream directions. First bridge to have shock transmission units to withstand seismic shocks to arrest 450 tones shock load within one second, due to earthquakes. Won two National Awards in 1999 and 2001 from the Institution of Bridge Engineers for the Most Outstanding Bridge.

Tawi Railway Bridge
In Jammu-Udhampur Railway line for Northern Railway. Its features: - 53 meter high piers con­structed using slip form method. Balanced Cantilever Superstructure on 53 meter piers. Won the National Award from the Institution of Bridge Engineers for the Most Outstanding Bridge for the Year 1998.

Vasai Creek Bridge
For Western Railway in Mumbay. Length of 1358 M and 534 M respectively consisting of pre-stressed box girders of 48.5M span. The large-span pre-stressed concrete bridge constructed the very first time for Indian Railways. The fastest launching of girders in the country was achieved across sea in this project to the tune of 388M per month. Winner of S.B. C. JOSHI National Award for the Most Outstanding Bridge in the year 1992 for technical innovation and excellence in construction.

Ganga Bridge At Allahabad Across the river Ganga at Allah bad, for Northern Railway from KM 145/7 to KM 146/1. Span length 1.05 KM. Won the most Outstanding Bridge National Award from the Indian Institute of Bridge Engineers in 1996 for excellence in construction.

Varapuzha Bridge
Across river Periyar at Varapuzha in Kerala, for National Highways is of cantilever type. Total Length is .03 KM. Won the National Award from the Institution of Bridge Engineers for the Most Outstanding Bridge of the Year 1999.

Other Bridges
There are several bridges completed by the Company'. They are:

  • Koraput-Rayagada Railway Bridge where slipform shuttering was used for piers of 40 M high.
  • Road Over-Bridges and Road Under-Bridges for Konkan Railway.
  • The Feroke Bridge for Southern Railways.
  • Ranni bridges in Kerala for state PWD, completed in a record time of 90 days.



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